Wafer Style Ball Valve

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A key factor in the success of the indu-tech Isolation Valve was the implementation of the Wafer-Style Ball Valve. This attribute is a key factor in keeping a level transmitter as close to the tank flange as possible.

Keeping the transmitter close to the flange has been a persistent challenge for industrial liquid processing and storage operations and for obtaining accurate level measurement. Accuracy in measurement is vital for safety and efficiency.

indu-tech’s wafer-style ball valve has solved this issue.

Benefits the Wafer-style Ball Valve Brings to Our Isolation Valve

Compact with High Performance. The wafer ball valve is one of the lightest and most compact on the market, without compromising integrity. We designed its internal components to create a minimal face-to-face dimension, thus providing accurate and precise readings. Minimizing the space required maintains the integrity of the level transmitter while keeping it close to the flange. By keeping the cross section to a minimum size, the valve is lighter and more compact. This has a huge advantage when it is utilized on lined or insulated tanks. The space required for mounting an indu-tech Isolation Valve is much smaller than a tall knife gate valve.

Transmitter Integrity. Reduced space between the level transmitter and the tank flange, using the wafer-style ball valve, helps extend integrity and lifetime of the transmitter. It also makes for accurate and consistent level readings.

Simplicity. The wafer-style ball valve makes inspecting, removing, replacing and even repairing (in situ) a level transmitter much quicker, easier and safer.

To learn more details about how the wafer-style ball valve functions and how indu-tech’s Isolation Valve can help your operation, feel free to contact our office team at (604) 299-0300 or email us here.