Universal Mounting

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The indu-tech team understands comprehensively the challenges industrial tank operations face. We know how safety, efficiency and accuracy are critical priorities when measuring tank levels. And that’s why our engineering and design team devised a universal mounting system for our isolation valve.

Universal Bolt Patterns for All Situations

The indu-tech standard valves have an ANSI bolt pattern that apply to 2”, 3”, 4”, 150lb, 300lb, 600lb and 900lb valves. In addition, the valves are built to DIN Standards 50, 80 and 100 to PN 10, PN 16, PN 24 and PN 40.

No More Leaks

For tanks with former knife gates used for isolation, we incorporated DS offset holes to match the knife gate bolt pattern. Before the true indu-tech Isolation Valve was developed, the standard knife gate valves used in isolation applications leaked passed the gate and the packing gland. This invariably caused leakage at the tank and, in some cases, caused safety hazards involving highly corrosive materials and contamination. In addition, most valves experienced excessive corrosion occurring at the valve support stem.

Rather than change all the tank flanges with the former knife gate bolt pattern, indu-tech has managed to incorporate the non-standard bolt pattern into our valve. Thus, you have bubble-tight safety and standard off-the-shelf universal mounting.

Simple Mounting

indu-tech’s isolation valve with a universal bolt pattern can be mounted by a single tradesman, providing a cost effective solution while saving time and manpower. There are also separate mounting holes to cover mounting the valve in all varieties of industrial tanks.

Expert Hole Design

Mounting holes have been crafted to conform to either the ANSI or Metric standards, depending on a client’s application. Each system is carefully tested to assure optimal performance.

Find more mounting information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

indu-tech is committed to helping our clients achieve exceptional efficiency for their industrial tanks, processing and production, storage, and level measurement. Our universal mounting system is a clear example of this commitment. It’s a solution that reduces measurement time-frames and assures a lasting return on investment. To learn more about our universal mounting system, please Contact Us, or you can call us directly at (604) 299-0300