Swirl Purge

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Keep the Level Transmitter Clear

Maintaining a clean passage from the level transmitter to the process medium is paramount to a well-functioning system. Over time, most tanks collect sediment at the base. Indu-Tech’s unique Swirl Purge allows operators to clean the tank mounting pipe and keep a clean passage to the Level Transmitter.

Advantages of the Swirl Purge

  • Sediment-free, Debris-free. A debris-free interface between the process and the transmitter enables increased accuracy of measurement. It goes almost without saying that sediment build-up can cause inaccurate level measurement readings, significantly reducing efficiency and potentially causing safety hazards. The Swirl Purge feature of Indu-Tech’s Isolation Valve keeps the level transmitter and its surrounds free of sediment.
  • Purge Ring. The Swirl Purge includes a purge ring that allows purging only directly across the ring, and not in the direction of the flow back to the tank. It will purge at a higher pressure than is required with the Indu-Tech Swirl Purge design.
  • Proven Performance in Multiple Applications. The swirl purge is applicable to a range of industries. For example, it has been proven effective and reliable where solid flow is a concern, like processing black and white liquors.
  • Pressure Relief. The instrument side swirl purge can provide pressure relief when high pressures may be a safety issue, like with processes involving piping hydrogen peroxide, for example.
  • Efficient Calibration. The swirl purge that works with the Indu-Tech Isolation Valve also makes calibration work more efficient by allowing the level transmitter to be calibrated without it being removed from the tank. A huge benefit to productivity, efficiency and reducing downtime.


Indu-Tech’s Swirl Purge and Isolation Valve are expertly engineered for class-leading performance, reliability and safety within many industries processing, transporting and storing all kinds of liquids. Use them with tall oil, chemicals, chlorine and many other liquids to improve efficiency and reduce safety concerns.

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