Quarter Turn ON/OFF

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indu-tech’s Isolation Valve features a simple quarter turn ON/OFF design. This simplifies movements of internal components and significantly decreases the chance of a jam. It is not susceptible to corrosion or contaminants that cause valve stems and brackets to corrode and seize, becoming inoperable over time.

Quarter Turn Valve Feature Benefits

At indu-tech, we’re committed to our clients who strive daily to streamline their industrial processes and undertake level measurements as accurately and safely as possible.

Protects Components. The simplified quarter turn on/off lever handle design helps protect internal components during valve movement.

Safety – Easily Locked in Both the Open and Closed Positions. The indu-tech Isolation Valve supports and promotes employee safety programs. With a simple, easy quarter turn of the actuator handle, the isolation valve can be locked-out in either the open or closed position. This ensures the valve won’t open or close during level measurement work. It’s a feature the helps reduce measurement errors and allows for easy, safe use during challenging measurement procedures.

No Need for Bulky Ratchet Actuators. The quarter turn valve feature makes it so easy, operators can move the ball from the fully open to the fully closed position in all four quadrants of the system. This eliminates both the need for bulky ratchet actuators that can stall working processes and the need for large, heavy ratchet handles that take up excessive space.

Open or Close on Demand. Because the lever unit has no exposed areas, the valve is guaranteed to open easily on demand. This is important in applications where the handle might not have been opened for a considerable time (even months or years).

The quarter turn on/off handle of the indu-tech Isolation Valve sets the highest standards for operational simplicity and safety. To learn more about this component and our isolation valve, please contact our team.