Bubble Tight Seal

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A bubble-tight seal is an absolute must for chemical and gas applications. At indu-tech, our industrial experts understand the challenges of maintaining safety within plants. The risk of chemical or gas leaks from industrial tanks and process lines is always high, and measuring tank levels using level transmitters must be carried out as safely and responsibly as all other operations.

Features and Benefits of Indu-Tech’s Bubble-Tight Seal

Unique Sealing System. At indu-tech, safety is our primary concern. Our Isolation Valve remains completely sealed at all times, thanks to our specialized internal sealing system. The quarter-turn on/off maintains the bubble tight seal in both the ON and OFF positions.

Different Ball-Type Design. Our expertly engineered isolation valve features a unique ball-type design, including a close-captured seated ball and a blow-out proof stem. This protects processing materials by preventing internal material build-up, which can be a common problem within open cavity ball valves.

Tested For Strict Quality Assurance Standards. Each valve undergoes rigorous testing and thorough quality control to ensure it is bubble tight before it is ever sold and/or installed.

Designed to Meet EPA Standards. During the assembly stages of our isolation valve, we ensure the bubble-tight seal our system offers conforms to all requisite EPA standards. It’s how we help maximize the performance of systems and efficiency of processed within our clients’ facilities.

Expertly crafted to protect employees, production and storage facilities, as well as the environment, indu-tech’s isolation valve’s bubble-tight seal is indicative of our commitment to our clients and our market-leading engineering standards. To learn more, contact our team today.