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Universal Mounting

The indu-tech standard valves have an ANSI bolt pattern that apply to 2”, 3”, 4”, 150lb, 300, 600lb and 900lb valves…
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Instrument Side Purge

indu-tech incorporated a Level Transmitter side purge. After the valve is flushed clean with the primary purge port, the valve is closed…
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Bubble Tight Seal

A required attribute when applied to chemical or gas applications. The indu-tech Isolation Valve is completely sealed at all times through our internal sealing system…
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Wafer Style Ball Valve

A key factor in the success of the indu-tech Isolation Valve was the implementation of the Wafer Style Ball Valve. The Wafer Style Ball Valve is key in keeping the level transmitter as…
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Quarter Turn ON/OFF

The quarter turn ON/OFF design simplifies movements of internal components and significantly decreases the chance of a jam….
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Swirl Purge

The unique Swirl Purge allows for the ability to clean the tank mounting pipe to ensure a clean passage to the Level Transmitter…
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