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History of the indu-tech Isolation Valve

indu-tech was given the task of assessing the applications and coordinating an outline of the design parameters of an isolation valve for the mill. It was a primary objective from the outset to design a true “Isolation Valve” that encompassed the solutions to all the problems associated with the level transmitter isolation.

The main criteria for the valve design was focused around a simplified on/off control, a thin cross section to maintain close process to transmitter distance, purge capability and compact size. A valve feature that has evolved but not part of the initial plan was the capability of level transmitter calibration on the tank.

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The Valve Continued to Evolve

The valve continued to evolve with regards to the issue of clogging up of the line. Transmitter calibration during normal hours of operation was also addressed. A swirl purge was incorporated to provide the capability of cleaning the process line between the tank and the transmitter. This feature was a key design parameter as it allows the instrument technicians to immediately flush the process and plan the cleaning of the tank during regular scheduled maintenance days versus taking the process off line, which is not always a feasible option.

A test pump can be applied to the instrument side purge port and the transmitter can be re-calibrated with the valve in the closed position. This feature is in big demand in mills that run a calibration program within ISO Certification on a regular basis.

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indu-tech valves operate in the toughest applications including: Pulp and Paper, Steam Plants, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Waste Water Treatment and more…

indu-tech believes in a strong customer relationship when solving technical and component problems and continues to work closely with our customers to ensure innovative designs that help solve their problems.

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